Out Now: Bob Ross

71F0TAVv2yLI started working on my articles and interviews for this collection just as the world started falling apart*, and I’m so grateful I had this exact project at that exact moment in time.

Bob Ross’s show, The Joy of Painting, was something of a lifesaver for me in my tween and teen years–a bobbing little chunk of peace, positive vibes, and unconditional encouragement for me to cling to during a time in my life when all of that was in very short supply. So, in some cosmically poetic way, who better to accompany me through the early days of the an apocalypse than Bob (in spirit) and some of the wonderful folks carrying on his legacy?

Since sh*t was getting real bad, real fast, most of the interviews were conducted over email, but still these incredibly kind, generous artists took time to share their creativity, inspiration, and joy with me during some of the darkest weeks I’ve ever known. For a few hours each day, I could escape the nonstop sirens, the helicopters, and the news the news the news, by immersing myself in their words and stories. It was a true gift.

I don’t think a hundred years will be long enough to process the last few months or all the things that got me through one day (or minute) to the next. But I do know that once again, Bob Ross and his life’s work offered me a true lifeline, a little bit of light in grim times–something I tried to capture and pay forward for readers. 

Bob Ross: The Calm and Wisdom of the Beloved Painter is available at Amazon and other online retailers. 

*If you can, please support a local food bank (find one herehere, or here) or support World Central Kitchen in their relief efforts.