The Doc McStuffins Pet Vet App and the Palace Pets Whisker Haven App are Tillywig Award Winners!

Brain_Child_hires_gold-e1420665221340I was excited to find out that two of the apps I worked on for Disney this year were just named 2015 Tillywig Toy & Media Award Winners!

The Doc McStuffins Pet Vet app won a “Brain Child” award. From Tillywig’s site, the “Brain Child” award is given to “exciting products that energize the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning.” As if that wasn’t enough good news, the Palace Pets Whisker Haven app was awarded a “Top Fun” award. “Top Fun” awards go to “products that stand out in terms of exceptional design, construction, and play.”

“But what is a Tillywig Award?” you might ask. Good question! More from their site:

Each year, the Tillywig Awards Program delivers to consumers, retailers, and the media information on the best children’s products, parenting products, and educational products available in today’s marketplace.

Our reviews span products that include toys, games, mobile apps, maternity, baby, parenting, music, video, books, clothing & furniture, health, safety, and a host of other child-related items, both digital and physical.

Awards are given on the basis of group tests, the primary purpose of which is to evaluate the quality, efficacy, entertainment value, or educational value of the products submitted to us by manufacturers.

Congratulations to my editor on both projects, Juliana Schiavo, and to everyone on the Disney Stories team!

New App: Doc McStuffins Pet Vet!

Doc McStuffins Pet VetOf all the Disney characters I’ve been lucky enough to work with, Doc McStuffins is one of my all-time favorites. She’s super smart, kind, compassionate, level-headed, and funny. BUT…in terms of writing dialogue, I am all Hallie, all the way. Hallie (Doc’s stuffed hippo nurse, for the uninitiated) is so sassy and fun with her hilarious idioms and exclamations. You should try working a few into your day. As Hallie would say, it’s more fun than a flock of flamingos at a fiesta!

The Doc McStuffins Pet Vet app ties in to the brand new show on Disney Junior, which premiered last week. In the app, kids can help Doc give pets a check-up, or take them outside to play and train with Hallie and Stuffy, or help their silliest dreams come true in Lambie’s Nap Corner. It’s really cute and it was so much fun to work on.

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet is available on iTunes for both the iPad and the iPhone. Check it out!

(P.S. I want to do all future writing in Doc’s giant purple glitter font.)



Introducing the Palace Pets in Whisker Haven App!

PPWH large 2 I’m so excited that the new Palace Pets in Whisker Haven app is out today!

If you haven’t seen the show yet, the Palace Pets are the cute, cuddly friends of the Disney Princesses. The Pets have their own magical realm–Whisker Haven–where adventure is always just around the corner. The Palace Pets in Whisker Haven app allows kids to be an interactive part of that world–playing with, feeding, and caring for the Palace Pets.
When I was working on the script for this app, the cartoon series hadn’t yet finished production. So I’m especially excited to see the Pets’ sweet and silly personalities brought to life and to finally hear their words in their own adorable voices. This was such a fun project and I’m so glad to have been part of it.

Palace Pets in Whisker Haven is available for the iPad and the iPhone on iTunes.